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John Carson


E-mail: johncarson AT gmail DOT COM

Blog: http://makejohnnycash.blogspot.com/

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Boosting Business With Social Networking
Greenscroll: An Earth Day Special
What Google Says Can Make Or Break Your Career
Thirteen Ways To Build Your Online Reputation
Your Online Reputation: Leveraging LinkedIn
Social Media In Business Continuity Planning
Build Your Real Estate Brand With Social Media
Taking The Fear Out Of Digitizing


Upper Canada College Terry Fox Day 2007


Beer and Bagels for Breakfast


Website Content Management, Beer.com
U.K. Editorial Work, Product & Image Security Magazine

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“John is a true pleasure to work with! He has a solid understanding of the social media landscape (in Canada and internationally) and is action oriented. John did a fantastic job re-launching the now-successful GCI blog and improving its SEO.”
Sarah Van Lange, Technology Practice, GCI Group

“John and I worked together at Upper Canada College while he was the project manager of several of our organization's key publications and online media. He is a good writer and editor; innately curious, enthusiastic, creative and open-minded. He is a charming and helpful collaborator, ready for any challenge and has an excellent sense of humour which makes him a delight to work with. He's intelligent, hip and hard-working!”
Suzanne Heft, Campaign Director & Director of Development, Upper Canada College

“John Was incredibly professional and thorough in my dealings with him. He was detailed in his assigning and worked with me to ensure the photography needs of the publication were met both visually and in terms of scheduling. I look forward to collaborating with John on future projects.”
Paul Joseph, Independent Professional, Paul Joseph Photographs

“John is an incredibly focused, detail-oriented and organized individual. He added great depth to Beer.com and provided many great strategic recommendations that helped us build our traffic and generate revenue.”
Rick Brown, Editor in Chief, Beer.com

“John is an Editor you can count on to get things done. He is flexible, resourceful and is always thinking of new ideas.”
Sue Chambers, Director, Project Management Office, dthree Inc.

“John's a fantastic boss — constructive, supportive and constantly providing new and innovative approaches to editorial copy. I would strongly recommend him to anyone.”
Greg Hughes, freelance writer and broadcaster

“John Carson is a fantastic editor, during his time with Silicon Valley NORTH I have come to know him as a very diligent, and interesting person. If you need to manage a publication, you can count on John!”
Markus Latzel, Palomino System Innovations Inc.

“I have known John for many years and has been a pleasure to work with. He is extremely professional and friendly.”
Mark Sheehan

“I have enjoyed working with John for over two years as a freelance journalist. He is a very professional editor who allows a reporter to have their own style while providing incisive feedback that always adds to the quality of an article. He is supportive, very prompt in responding to issues, open to ideas and gives strong creative direction.”
Rachana Raizada

“John Carson is very professional. He is a seasoned editor who is very well researched and knows how to determine news value. John is great to work with and is very responsive.”
Elynn Wareham

“I've known John for a number of years. He has done an excellent job of keeping Silicon Valley NORTH going given all the issues that surround print publications. Very smart, organized and a good guy.”
Rick Segal

“John is an rare individual in todays digital age of communications. While working with John, he took the initiative to learn and understand in detail what our business was. When information moves so fast, it is encouraging that there is individuals like John, who take the time ...”
Oscar A. Jofre Jr.

“John is an excellent, warm and professional editor who knows what he wants and can clearly articulate it to his writers. His sense of humour is also a boon during deadline time! I would happily work with John again.”
Karen Schaffer

“John has been a pleasure to work with over the past few years. He's very professional and friendly, and very prompt with his responses.”
Erik Van Drunen

“John Carson has been a pleasure to work with as well as for. He is meticulous in nature and his work has proven to be received with high quality standards. He is a social, kind, generous associate, and respectful with great work ethics.”
Jemma Fong, Partner, Online Marketing Director, InSite Creations

“Having worked with John over the past couple of years, he has always been consistant in responding quickly to editorial pitches on behalf of our numerous clients. He has been most supportive and has always been a pleasure to work with.”
Jennifer Silver

“John and I were first colleagues where his ideas, work ethic and execution were second to none. I then worked as a freelancer where, as an editor, he gave ample direction. Finally, our companies have since partnered on several projects, benefitting both. John always protects the integrity of his brand. If an idea is against the principles of his organization, he'll say so, no matter who you are.”
JP Fozo, Senior Editor, Honeycomb Worldwide Inc.

“I have worked with John on behalf of a number of clients. He is appreciative of new ideas that relate to his editorial interests and provides excellent feedback.”
Kathryn Boothby Owner, Marketing & Communication Solutions

“I worked very closely with John at Roger's developing and maintaining numberous B2B websites. John had extremely creative input regarding the development of the sites we worked on as well as the development of strategies to promote the sites, increase exposure and traffic. John was always punctual, organized, prepared, put his heart into his work and was a pleasure to work with. His web skills are superior, his attitude positive and enthusiastic, and he has strong work ethics. One could always depend on John to do his job well and on time, while also displaying a genuine camaradie and team spirit. John is indeed a hard worker and I would not hesitate to recommend him at any time.”
Rebecca DiFilippo, Online Director, Roger's Media Publishing — Bizlink